On your next vacation, let our Catts find you the best things to do at your destination!

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The best shortcut for trip planning

24h Chat with a like-minded Catt


things-to-do Skip all that time researching, and go straight to the source.

things-to-do A local will help you find the best things to do in your destination.

things-to-do Ask all you want to know, and get straight and quick answers.

PRICING:  A flat fee for 24h of Chat with a like-minded and knowledgeable local. More info coming soon.


Know exactly where you’re going

A knowledgeable local to guide you 


things-to-do Chat with your Catt previous to your outing to discuss details. 

things-to-do Skip getting lost or losing time trying to figure things out.

things-to-do Have an insider tell you all that matters about your destination.

PRICING: Hourly rates are affordable for groups and include up to 3 people. Learn more  here.


A friend in every city

When you travel to a city where you have a friend, you have the best time. Why? 


things-to-do Because your friend knows things to do only locals know about

things-to-do Because your friend knows you and what you’d like to see

things-to-do Because your friend understands you and will strive to take you to places you like


What if you could have friends in any city? 

That’s exactly what City Catt is about. 

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Our Matching Technology


Both travelers and Catts fill out profile forms which we use to do our magic. Every time you travel, you also fill out a Trip Profile form. We put it all together and voilá! You get a list with just the right amount of Catts who:


things-to-do Speak your language

things-to-doHave similar tastes and preferences

things-to-doAre in a similar life phase as you;

things-to-doAre available to help you with your trip


No safety, no fun

When we’re out with our loved ones, we want everybody to have fun, but also to be safe. This is why we’ve put in place important safety measures, that ensure that both travelers and Catts feel safe. Then, all that’s left is having fun!

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Vacation planing on your hands

Literally. With City Catt, you can build your trip, talk to your Catt and do all your vacation planning from your phone. You can also do it all from your computer, but our app has a simple and straight-forward design that won’t leave you guessing where to go. Instead, let us take care of it, so you spend less time on the screen and more time enjoying real-life fun!

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