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July 19, 2018

City Catt Launches Autism on the Go in Partnership with IBCCES

Published by IBCCES on 07/13/2019

IBCCES is excited to announce our recent partnership with City Catt, a P2P Trip Planning Startup, to help families with individuals on the autism spectrum plan trips around their sensory challenges. The new program, called Autism on the Go, connects traveling families with trained and certified residents living in their destination cities that help them find the best places to visit and accommodate their needs. Starting today, City Catt is recruiting locals interested in working as Autism Certified Catts.

City Catt’s model connects any traveler with like-minded locals – called Catts – that can help them plan trips to their cities or even guide them through attractions. By partnering with IBCCES, they are now able to connect families and individuals with Catts who are also Autism Certified living in these destination cities. The platform already has Catts in 26 US states and is expanding! Travelers and their families have specific needs and expectations, and by being able to talk to locals, they can ask questions, get suggestions and build a customized itinerary, instead of scavenging the web for reliable information.

Learn more about the program at autism.citycatt.com.

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