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City Catt is an online travel platform that connects travelers with knowledgeable like-minded locals in their destinations, who help with trip planning or even by guiding travelers through attractions. City Catt is an efficient shortcut to your Travel Planning, where locals help you build an itinerary full of authentic experiences, specially tailored for your tastes and needs. We also have a unique program to help families living with Autism plan trips around sensory challenges. Learn more about it here.

City Catt strives to provide visitors with experiences that are a fit for both them and their families. Through our platform, locals become ambassadors for their cities, working as local guides and showing visitors the best sides of their towns. 


Although we could give you a list with a bunch of awesome Catts for you to pick from, looking through the locals can take an enormous amount of time. We know that vacation planning can be stressful and time-consuming, so we solved this problem for you by matching you with a guide that meets your stated criteria. 

We believe matching is key to decreasing the time you spend planning your trip. Our software will eliminate the time you would spend scanning through hundreds of profiles and will introduce you to just the right amount of options, who’ll match your personal preferences and needs. And because you’ll be out and about with someone who shares your interests, this increases the possibilities for you to experience places and culture that appeal to you and your group. We want you to get the most out of your precious vacation time and budget! 

Both visitors and Catts build comprehensive (but not dull!) profiles which will tell us who you are and what’s more important to you. These profiles are used for the first part of our matching. You can always go back to them and change information as life goes on and you add a kid or two in the family, or relocate to another city, for example. Keeping the profile up to date, ensures all your future vacation experiences meet your current needs. 

The second part of the matching relies on what we call “Trip Profiles.” We understand that, although what you are doesn't change, your circumstances might change. For example, a mom could be traveling with her kids or not, and her expectations for what to do on a trip would dramatically vary depending on that. This is why every time visitors go on a trip, they build new Trip Profiles, that helps us match them with the perfect Catts for their vacation. 

When you’re done telling us who you are and what you desire for your trip, we’ll do our magic and match you with 13 local Catts who share your interests and who are great ambassadors for their towns. You can check out their profiles, read reviews and talk to them through our secure chat. After you decide who’s going to be your Catt, just confirm the book and voilá! Have a wonderful time out doing authentic and fun stuff!

We encourage you to book a Catt for at least one month before your trip, but you can book a Catt as late as one week before your trip. For those of you who are more spontaneous, we'll soon offer the option of booking "On Call Catts," who have an open availability at a premium.

City Catt allows Catts to choose among three standardized cancellation policies(Flexible, Moderate, and Strict) that we enforce to protect both Catts and Travellers.

You can find your Catt’s cancellation policy in his/her profile page. Visitors will also be asked to agree to the host's cancellation policy when they make a booking. You can cancel a reservation and review any penalties on your reservation page, by clicking Change or Cancel on the appropriate reservation.

You'll be asked to review your Catt after an outing. You can also go to your app or website dashboard, on the account page and send us a message. We love to hear your feedback and will use this information to ensure that our Catts meet our high standards and that you're satisfied with our services. 


Both Catts and Visitors undergo our security process, which verifies identities and much more. To learn more about our safety measures, click here.

24h before an outing with a Catt, visitors receive a Check-In email containing a unique Check-In code. This code should be saved somewhere so you can provide it to your Catt when you meet. The Catt will use the code to check in on his/her app, confirming that you met with the right Catt and that you're off to your exclusive outing.


Rates differ from state to state, based on local hourly minimum hourly wages. All prices are published and updated periodically, and you'll be able to see them before booking a Catt. The rate you secure remains the same for a group of up to 3 people*. After that, there is a $5 surcharge per person for the total of the outing for a group of up to 7 people.

We’re a family company, and one of our goals is to provide remarkable vacation experiences for families, so kids younger than 12 years-old won’t be charged any fees.

*City Catt requires a minimum of 3h of services hired.

All payments are processed through the app, there are no cash exchanges in the process, for both yours and the Catt’s security.


In every City Catt outing, the Catts have to check in and check out on their apps. This is a security measure, as it allows us to know their locations at all times, but it also lets us know the amount of time you spent together. If you end up spending more time together than previously agreed, your credit card on file will be charged for the additional hours.

Nope. You’ll pay our flat fee for the state, plus the additional charge for groups bigger than three. Other than that, you can tip your Catt if you received excellent service, but this is optional.

To add, edit or update your payment information:

  • Open your City Catt app
  • Tap your profile image in the top left corner
  • Tap 'Payment' and then you can edit the info from your card or add a new one
  • Once you complete or edit the information just tap next and the changes will be saved

Being a Catt

Ideal Catts are outgoing and personable people who love their cities and towns. They can be from the most diverse backgrounds and phases in life but have to be of age 21 and older. Being a Catt means working flexible hours by taking visitors out to the best places in town. You can learn more about the advantages of being a Catt here.

Catts have to be at least 21 years-old, live on their current cities or towns for at least two years, and pass our Background Check step. 

City Catt and IBCCES have teamed up to solve a problem every one of the millions of families with children on the Spectrum face. How can they travel and leave the routines behind without overwhelming their kids? How can they find places to visit in their travel destinations that are a fit and speak fun to these exceptional children?

If you work with children with Autism already - or would like to - and live in a touristic city,  you can help families living with autism find the best places to go and ensure these kids have some much-needed on-the-go fun! Learn more here.

No Catt is required to work a certain amount of hours. Flexibility is one of our seven principles, and we want people to be able to work around their priorities. You can make this a full time, part time or just a gig you do now and then. But we made sure you have fun while doing it and that you get well paid for it. In turn, we expect you to provide an excellent service and take visitors out to authentic, unforgettable outings.

We do require visitors to book a minimum of 3h with our Catts, because we understand great experiences need time to happen, and we also don’t want you to get out of your way for nothing.

The way City Catt works, you get to determine your availability through our app, and you can change it anytime. You can also turn on the “vacation mode” every time you want to take some time off, and our system will automatically take you out of the matching database.

We take safety very seriously at City Catt. All users have to go through the Identity Check step. This prevents people from making fake profiles and trying to use the platform to take advantage of other people.

Catts have to go through the extra step of Background Check because we want the visitors to feel safe and relaxed when they’re out enjoying the vacation. 

Catts aren’t required to wear any uniforms, and dress according to their tastes and preferences, with consideration given to the guests they work with and places they visit with them. Catts know the proper attire for the beach, dinner, museums and other sites of interest to their guests, and dress accordingly. They do not wear indecent outfits or dress in a manner which makes Visitors feel uncomfortable. Catts also wear the City Catt buttons over their outfit of choice to better identify themselves as part of our company.

Catts earn hourly rates + Tips when taking visitors out for outings, or a flat fee when helping them plan trips by using the chat on the platform. Prices vary by states, and you can check how much you could potentially earn here.

Catts are paid once a week. You will link your bank account to our system, and we’ll make a direct deposit. If you can’t see your deposit, let us know, and we’ll seek a resolution. However, keep in mind that different banks have different processing times, so give it a few hours before contacting us.

Checking in and out helps us monitor the time you spend on each tour, to ensure you are paid by your guests for the services you provide. So, don’t forget: check in and out every time you’re out and about working as a Catt!

24h before an outing with a Catt, visitors receive a Check-In email where they’re provided with a unique code. This code should be saved somewhere by them so they can provide it to the Catt when meeting. The Catt will then use the code to check in on the app. 

City Catt allows Catts to choose among three standardized cancellation policies(Flexible, Moderate, and Strict) that we enforce to protect both Catts and Travellers. A Catt’s cancellation policy can be found in his/her profile page. Visitors will also be asked to agree to the host's cancellation policy when they book. 

Visitors can cancel without any penalty if they follow the rules of your chosen cancelation policy. To learn more about the Cancelation Policies, click here. 

No. City Catt is not a transportation platform. Although we can’t demand that you not drive people around, we strongly recommend you not to do so, because this opens up a lot of liability issues for yourself. The exception to it will be if you’re also an Uber or Lyft driver. Then, you can log the hours driving in your apps, and be covered by their insurances. We recommend Catts do one of the following:

  • Ride with your visitors. They often rent cars, which are covered by insurance policies.
  • Ride together on public transportation. This is a great option, as it gives visitors a real authentic experience.
  • Ride together in Taxis, Ubers or Lyfts.

It depends on your city, your interests and your visitor’s interests. This is precisely why we match like-minded people; we want both you and the visitor to have a good time. Every time a visitor requests an outing with you, you’ll first have the chance to approve or deny the request. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to them through our in-app chat and discuss the best options for their group. Visitors also fill out Trip Profiles, where they indicate the specificities of their trip, like group size, trip expectations, etc.

So, with all this information in hand, you should be able to come up with an excellent plan for your visitors, which includes places they will love to visit. Remember, we’re aiming for authentic and unique vacations, so you should decide where to go with the visitors on a case by case basis.

We have a 3h minimum hiring policy. This is because we understand that in less than 3h it might be hard to enjoy your time out. After that, the sky is the limit. You might be hired for 3h, Half a Day (5h), Full Day (8h) or even rehired for another day or two if the visitors really like your services.

Also, you and the visitor will figure out what’s best for their situation. It might be that they want to hire you for the minimum period (3h) so that you come to them and help plan their stay. Or they might want you to take them out and guide them through their outings. Everything’s case by case, since vacations can’t be too predictable and should be something “out of the box” so to speak.

No. Catts are screened independent contractors that use City Catt's platform to work as local guides for tourists traveling to their hometowns.

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