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things-to-do Skip all that time researching, and go straight to the source.

things-to-do A local will help you find the best things to do in your destination.

things-to-do Ask all you want to know, and get straight and quick answers.

PRICING:  A flat fee for 24h of Chat with a like-minded and knowledgeable local. More info coming soon.


Know exactly where you’re going

A knowledgeable local to guide you 


things-to-do Chat with your Catt previous to your outing to discuss details. 

things-to-do Skip getting lost or losing time trying to figure things out.

things-to-do Have an insider tell you all that matters about your destination.

PRICING: Hourly rates are affordable for groups and include up to 3 people. Learn more  here.


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Why plan your trip with City Catt?

A friend in every city

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Having friends in places gives you access to the best things to do in town!  Learn more

No wasted time

Decoding maps, reading a thousand reviews, tiresome planning. Sounds familiar? When locals help you, you can avoid it all. 

Safety first

It’s impossible to have fun when you don’t feel safe. Our service was designed to serve all cautious travelers like you. Learn more.

Everybody is happy

Travel with the hubby, a friend, the dog, the kids, the boss. Our Catts can find you the best things to do for your group and family!

Discover so much more things to do

The internet is fast, but it still doesn’t grow at the pace cities do. With the help of locals, you can be much more than a tourist. 

No wasted money

Don't wonder, ask our Catts and they'll find you places that are a fit for you and your family. And they say money can't buy happiness!

Your vacation helps others

For every outing booked with City Catt, we donate to a few great causes that help in making our world a better place. Learn more

Relocate like a boss

Moving to another city or relocating for a job? Our Catts can show you around your new town, and make sure you feel at home. 

Featured Catts


Certified Autism Specialist/ Former Parks and Recreation Commissioner/ Luxury Travel Specialist/ Scottsdale -AZ


Works with Sports/Self proclaimed foodie and home chef junkie, who also loves the outdoors, movies, and sports/ Cincinnati-OH


Therapist/ Certified Autism Specialist/ Loves children, grew up in Myrtle Beach-Grand Strand area/ Myrtle Beach - SC

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