For a world where travel planning is easy!


It all began with the frustration of one mom over planning family trips. She frequently found herself researching simultaneously in 30 opened tabs, all to make sure she would find the absolute best things to do for her family while spending her money wisely.

"It'd be so much better if I could talk to someone that lives there," Lizia Santos thought. Then, she set out to solve this problem for herself and many others who wish Trip Planning was easier.

Read more about Lizia's journey as a Co-Founder and Mom, here.


icon_Mision.png.1440x450_q85Why the name City Catt

Cats know their way around every little corner of their cities. Add a 'T,' and there you have the most knowledgeable humans when it comes to what's cool around their towns!


The idea for City Catt came from the minds of Lizia Santos and her father. Coming from a family that travels a lot, and also having lived in several cities in the US, Lizia enjoyed taking friends and family visiting unique places. After becoming a busy mom of three and moving to a new town, she realized that planning trips and exploring new places became way harder.

And that’s when talking to her father, she wished that there was a way to connect people that turned planning trips into an easier and enjoyable experience. They brainstormed and brought the idea to their very close and entrepreneurial-at-heart family. Lizia’s family  got on board, and City Catt was born.  

Now this family works together to provide travelers planning their trips with an easy way to access reliable information from the best source: the locals, who on the other hand now have a fun and flexible way to complement their incomes.


To connect like-minded people in order to create authentic and unforgettable vacation experiences


To be a renowned travel brand where our Catts provide the highest quality service as they pave the way in any city for an authentic and unforgettable vacation experience.

Your trip can help others

We're on a mission to improve vacations, but also to improve people's lives around the world. This is why we donate part of our proceeds to a few causes we believe in, and that are working hard to change lives for better. By using City Catt to plan your trip, you're helping us help them:




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